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Insurance Strategy Insights 2014 Conference: Delivering Customer-Centricity throughout your Business

Infoline’s 2nd Annual Industry Forum

Insurance Strategy Insights

Insurance Strategy Insights Forum

4 - 5 November 2014

Do not miss Insurance Strategy Insights 2014 to hear the latest developments from 30+ CEOsMDstopic specialists and leading regulators.

Highlights from Infoline's Client Assets & Client Money Protection Conference

The 2014 Conference on US Regulation for European Fund Managers Brings Together Leading US Regulators with Regulated Firms

The 2014 Conference on

US Regulation for European Asset Managers

US Regulation for European Fund Managers

5 November 2014

Examine how unfolding US legislation affects the business affairs of EU firms with US clients - or those firms doing business in the US


The Infoline Forum on: 2014 Platform Strategy & Operations

"Very informatiove with good, clear engaging speakers"

Hands-on Approaches to Providing Meaningful & Effective Compliance Management Information & Reporting

"Very informative event. Opportunity to ask questions relevant to business."
Russ Piper