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Independent Risk Oversight

Meeting Regulatory, Client & Business Expectations for Independent Investment Risk Oversight for UCITS & AIFs
AIFMD & UCITS risk oversight requirements:

• Implementation within UK & Lux
• Approaches for risk measurement
• Fund risk profile
• Overview of the Directives
• Leverage vs VaR

Add value to regulatory oversight requirements:

• Detecting hedging & other errors
• Identifying unintentional risk taking
• Setting appropriate limits
• Risk monitoring for early fund performance warnings

What management co. & fund boards should ask:

• Risk versus reward
• Fund action versus the prospectus
• Can investors get their money back

Risk Management Process (RMP) design:

• Set out key risks & their controls
• Meet AIFMD & UCITS requirements
• Explain how risk functions are organised & responsibilities are delegated

Independent Investment Risk Oversight for UCITS & AIFs - a highly practical one day workshop

What will you gain from this independent investment risk oversight workshop

This workshop will provide delegates with an understanding of how to set up / enhance and operate an independent investment risk oversight function under the UCITS and AIFMD directive requirements.

Drawing on thirty years of experience in financial services, and nearly twenty years in risk management, the workshop leader will share the knowledge he has gained from hands-on experience of independent investment risk oversight.

Attend to enhance your knowledge and skills in:

  • Demonstrating how independent risk oversight can add value to the business, rather than being a regulatory overhead provide guidance on how to set-up and operate such a function

  • Delivering a clear, structured template for the risk oversight information that should be provided to management companies and their associated boards, a format that can also be used to supplement the existing performance reports provided to clients holding segregated mandates

  • Providing guidance on how to document the risk management process so that it can be used both as a regulatory submission and as a day-to-day reference guide for the organisation.

See the Investment Risk Oversight workshop latest agenda for more information.

An example module from this unique UCITS & AIFMD risk workshop

See the Investment Risk Oversight workshop latest agenda for more information.

Adding Value to the Investment Risk Oversight Process

- Detecting style drift
- Fund family dispersion
- Detecting leverage
- Improving hedging strategies
- Unintentional risk taking
- Operational risk events – trading errors, failed position rolls, etc.

Interaction with front office
- Establishing credibility
- Providing useful feedback
- Resolving issues
- Questions to ask

Limit setting
- Relative vs. absolute VaR limits
- Regulatory vs. internal limits
- Model portfolio assessment
- Comparison with existing funds
- Converting risk budgets to VaR limits

A highly practical investment risk workshop

This workshop is designed to be participative throughout. The agenda will combine key formal presentations and group discussion sessions. There will be opportunity for delegates to share experiences with each other and to raise issues of most concern to their organisation, either confidentially or in open session.

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