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2 separately bookable one day workshops on consecutive days

Op Risk Fundamentals: risk appetite, controls..

Framework characteristics
Risk appetite definition
Monitoring risk & control
Risk & control assessment

Op Risk Fundamentals: KRIs, mitigation..

Key risk indicators
Loss causal analysis
Risk management standards
Mitigation techniques

Modelling Introduction: methods, parameters..

• Differing modelling approaches
• Model parameters & usage issues
Lognormal distribution curve features
• Statistical modelling terminology

Modelling Introduction: construction, stressing..

Model construction from key risks
Stress testing
Motivating business units
• Meeting regulatory requirements

Fundamentals of Operational Risk - practical one day workshop training

Understanding the
Fundamentals of Operational Risk
in Financial Services
9 December 2014 - Bonhill House, London

This workshop is designed as an introductory or refresher course on current operational risk strategy and techniques being used across the financial services sector.

It will explore a wide range of methodologies and approaches being used to manage, control and mitigate this diverse group of risks. In just one day:

  • Clarify the current regulatory and commercial drivers of operational risk
  • Understand how to create and manage a risk management framework
  • Learn techniques for identifying and managing risk exposures
  • Explore practical methods for monitoring the risk environment
  • Ensure your operational risk management process adds business value

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Two seperately bookable, one day workshops on consecutive days - 1000+ attendees over 9 years...

Now in their 9th year, over 1000 delegates have benefited....

Now in their 9th year, over 1000 delegates have benefited from these two highly practical operational risk introductory / refresher workshops.

Whilst separately bookable, most delegates attend both workshops taking advantage of substantial savings available.

Introduction to Operational Risk Modelling - practical one day workshop training

A Practical Introduction to
Operational Risk Modelling
in Financial Services
10 December 2014 - Bonhill House, London

This workshop will provide a general introduction to the issues and methodologies surrounding the question of operational risk quantification and modelling. It is not intended for statisticians or quantitative analysts.

It will examine the methods and terminology used in modelling risk, using scenario modelling and stress testing as an example of the application of the techniques.

  • Understand the practical value and key challenges in modelling

  • Identify the main modelling methodologies used

  • Assess the key parameters of models

  • Review the features and uses of the lognormal distribution curve

  • Explore stress testing and scenario analysis

  • Directly benefit from qualitative and capital management

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The only operational risk workshop led by a current Head of Operational Risk....

Unlike many other more theoretical events lead by advisors to your industry, these workshops will be led by Andrew Brand current Head of Operational Risk at Close Brothers.

Therefore, you can be assured his perspective and style of delivery will be entirely practical backed up by recent real-life experiences

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(updated 25 February 2015)

Who Should Attend?

  • Managing Directors
  • CEOs
  • CIOs
  • General Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Marketing Managers
  • Web Managers

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