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Venue confirmed:

Radisson Blu Portman Hotel London

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Conduct risk experts speaking:
Conduct risk experts speaking:
Toby Billington Programme Director, Conduct Risk BARCLAYS
Richard Cox Head of Regulatory Risk AVIVA
Niamh Higgins Director, Regulatory Compliance RSA
Janet Adams Head of Conduct, UK Retail RBS
Further speaker include:
Further speaker include:
Sheila Nicoll Senior Advisor EY
Trevor Parker Head of Regulatory Compliance Monitoring SANTANDER
Steve Bennett Head of Operational Risk SWIP
Dr Peter Brooks Behavioural Finance Specialist BARCLAYS
Programme Highlights Include:
The 2014 Forum on Financial Services Conduct Risk programme highlights
Post-Conference Workshop:
Building an Effective Conduct Risk Culture workshop
Learn How to Build an Effective Conduct Risk Framework

• Great presentations from Heads of Regulatory Risk, Conduct Risk and Compliance

Find Out How To Acheive Cultural Change in Your Organisation

• Ensure that your firm understands the FCA conduct risk culture requirements and knows how to meet them

Guidance on Strengthening 1st, 2nd and 3rd Lines of Defence

Key challenges facing business risk teams
Risk, Compliance & Audit

Improve Provision and Use of Conduct Risk MI

• Ensure that senior managers, directors and board members are making use of conduct risk MI
• Establish effective MI chains

2014 Forum on Financial Services Conduct Risk - The Industry's Leading Gathering of Conduct Risk and Compliance Specialists

Essential Information From Leading Conduct Risk Specialists Including:

Understanding Conduct Risk

  • Learn to identify specific conduct risks within your organisations
  • Investigate the costs of conduct risk and what it means to be a good conduct risk manager
  • Find out how to align risk, compliance and internal audit

Improving Firm Wide Conduct Risk Management

  • Identify and remedy gaps in your firm’s conduct risk culture
  • Guidance on building a robust conduct risk framework
  • Learn to build conduct risk management into your business model
  • Understand the relationship between different risk management and compliance functions
  • Improve your utilisation of conduct risk MI

Resolving Crucial Conduct Risk Areas

  • Improving conduct risk management at point of sale – understanding the role of incentives
  • Learn how to ensure retail investors understand complex products
  • Find out how behavioural economics should impact your firms conduct risk management

Learn more with the Retail Conduct Risk Forum latest agenda now.

Great New Speaker Line Up for 2014!


Toby Billington, Programme Director, Conduct Risk, BARCLAYS: Strategic Cultural Aims and Conduct Risk Management

Niamh Higgins, Director, Regulatory Compliance, RSA: Providing and Utilising Conduct Risk MI for Senior Managers, Directors and Board Members

Janet Adams, Head of Conduct, UK Retail, RBS: Building a Conduct Risk Framework

Trevor Parker, Head of Compliance Monitoring, SANTANDER: Managing Conduct Risk at the Point of Sale

Steve Bennett, Head of Operational Risk, SWIP: Informing Retail Investor Decision Making

Richard Cox, Head of Regulatory Risk, AVIVA: Understanding the Relationship Between Different Risk Management Functions

Dr Pete Brooks, Behavioural Finance Specialist, BARCLAYS: Tackling Conduct Risk: A Perspective from Behavioural Economics

Joanne Evans, Director of Compliance, PARTNERSHIP, Dan Hedley, Head of European Regulatory Policy, FIDELITY and Toby Billington, Programme Director, Conduct Risk, BARCLAYS, Michael Bartholemeusz, Director of Regulatory Risk and Compliance, PRUDENTIAL: PANEL Utilising the three Lines of Defence: Risk Management, Compliance and Internal Audit

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Also attend the post-conference workshop:

A Practical Guide to
Conduct Risk Management

Workshop • 30 April 2014 • Central London
Led by KPMG

See the workshop agenda now.

Don't miss the separately bookable pre-conference workshop:

A Practical Guide to
Conduct Risk Analytics

28 April 2014 • Central London
Led by EY

Learn more today at www.infoline.org.uk/conductanalytics

What do past delegates have to say about Infoline's Retail Conduct Risk Forum?

"A great overview on current FCA thinking on Conduct Risk"
"The event not only enhanced my knowledge of Conduct Risk, but also confirmed that our Conduct Risk Strategy is on the right track"

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